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If you are a music blogger and you are looking for the best ads network to monetize your website, stick around this article, we have got something interesting for you.

Typically we wrote this article specially for music bloggers in Nigeria due to the amount of requests we have receive recently, although this implies to all music blogger around the world who are also looking for best ads network to monetize their site outside Google AdSense, as you already know that monetizing your music blog won’t really give you that kind of money you are hoping for if you don’t have enough quality traffic.

Best Ads Network For Music Bloggers In Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the biggest country in the music blogging niche, and has the biggest position in Africa music industry, since we have many of Nigerians in the blogging industry, its good to also let them know how to make money from their music blog, we have listed 5 best ads network for music bloggers in Nigeria.

1. Galaksion

Galaksion is a global advertisement company for both advertisers and publishers, the network help blog owners to make real good money from their blogs, and Galaksion is one of the best ads network to monetize your music blog, they have various ad formats that you can place on your website and one of it is the Native Ads/Banner Ad Format, this kind of format can really generate you good income if you have decent traffic flowing to your site.

The network uses the CPM (Cost Per Mile) and CPC (Cost Per Click)

2. A-ads

A-ads is a crypto base ad network for both advertisers and publishers, in recently the network has become one of the biggest crypto network with big brands on their advertiser list, and also as grow to become one of the best ads network for music bloggers, which uses the CPM (Cost Per Mile) and CPC (Cost Per Click), you can receive payment to you crypto wallet using, and also it will auto withdraw anytime as long your account is connected to it.

3. Mediafem

Mediafem is an ad exchange network who are partners with Google AdSense and other top ads networks, they display mostly Google AdSense Ads on your site and pays you around 70% of the earnings, the uses the CPM (Cost Per Mile) and pays to paypal account or bank account through wire transfer, minimum thresholds are ($100 for PayPal) and ($1000 for wire transfer), if you want to make good amount from your music blog, you should consider using Mediafem

4. HBAgency

HBAgency is an Italian ad network that allows publishers to access the best programmatic offers in the advertising market in real-time, the ad network use latest technology to display ads on your site and they uses the CPM (Cost Per Click), which make this a good option for your music blog, but in recent getting your music blog approved is becoming a bit difficult, you can see here, How to get HBAgency approve your music blog.

5. Adsterra

Adsterra is other ad network you should look, if you want to make money from your music blog, adsterra is a strong ad network which has grew in the years, making it on of the best pop-under network for publishers, the network uses CPM (Cost Per Mile) and CPC (Cost Per Click), they have various ad format you can use, from Pop-under, Direct Link, Social Bar and more, you can receive money to any crypto wallet or to your bank account using wire transfer.

My Take in this

Monetizing your music blog which one of the above mentioned ads network, is the best way to make money from your blog, as you don’t have to surfer the stress of users not clicking on ads, you will be paid as long as they see the ads and also be paid more when they click, Galaksion and HBAgency is one of the best on personal take, that i have used so far, as this blog is currently monetized with with.

If you love this blog post, do well to share and also drop your comments, i will be glad to help you out regarding any monetization issues you face with the above ads networks.

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