How to get HBAgency approve your music blog


If you are a music blogger and have been trying to get your music blog approved by HBAgency, here is a quick tip for you, read this article and apply as instructed, but this is not guaranteed as will are not HBAgency and not affiliated to them.

This experiment was carried out serval times by our team, and has been confirmed working, applying this steps may defers base on your understanding, so lets get to it.

HBAgency is one of the biggest ads network in Italy and they are Google AdSense partners, which makes them a better choice for music bloggers and every others who wants to monetize their website with a CPM (Cost Per Mile) ad network, HBAgency pays high, but this may also depends on your traffic and content.

How to get your site approved by HBAgency

The below method you want to read, should be applied carefully, and if you find difficulty in doing that, you can simply reach out to use via the contact form.

1. Site Structure/Layout

Yes, your website should be well structured, easy to navigate, this make it easy for HBAgency to quick approve your blog, site structure/layouts or varies on the site Design, if you are using wordpress, use a better theme like Astra, GeneratePress, Mh-Magazine.

2. Contents

As a music blogger, usually you don’t write much article on each of the song you are blogging about, this makes your content even more low valued, yes there might not be a 1000 words article to write on a song, but you can make yours unique by adding value to what others are already doing.

You can simply come up with a nice templates, now get at least 50-100 music post before applying to HBAgency, (Pro Tip: DO NOT ADD DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINKS, OR DIRECT AUDIO, WRITE AT LEAST 250 – 300 WORDS AND EMBED THE SONG, DO NOT UPLOAD IT DIRECTLY BEFORE APPLYING).

Also get all your important pages ready, (About, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Cookie Policy, Contact Us).

3. HBAgency Tags and Ads.txt

You have to add the header tag from HBAgency to your site header, after doing so now move to add the ads.txt to your site, net you should also add one of the already generated ad unit to your site; adding one of the generated ad unit which you can find in the placement section, make it more easy to get approval.

My Take in this

Getting HBAgency approve your music blog is easy, just follow the above, and then you will be on you money making journey with HBAgency, in case you face any issues, use the comment section to relate it, i will be glad to help, hope this article was helpful.

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