How to buy Facebook group and be safe?

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Hey! Guys, I know you all have been having lot of issues and been scammed while trying to buy or even when you are done buying the Facebook group.

Here I will explain to you how you can easily buy Facebook group and have full access to it.

Also I see people complaining, (even when you still use escrow, you still get scammed), okay here is the thing, it's advisable to use escrow on this, that's the way you will be guaranteed safe buying of Facebook group or pages.

Note: if the seller is not patient enough, he/she doesn't give you time to go through the Group/Page, do not buy from that seller.

Now, after the purchased of the group through escrow, please get the details of the main account that control that group or page, if not tell the seller to remove the group/page from their Facebook Business manager.

Now some seller do add their group and pages to one Facebook business account, so they can easily recover back this account even after selling.

Now to be sure go to Facebook Business Manager and add the group or page you have purchased to your own business account, if you don't have one you can easily create just visit the Facebook Business Manager website through PC/Desktop.

Then also remove every other admins or moderator in the group/page, ensure total transfer of the full group or page before telling the escrow to page.

Also, avoid the seller if he or she is not ready to help transfer full access, either by providing you with account that control this assets.

If the account details controlling the assets is provided, you can do the following.

1. Go to the Facebook account settings and remove two factor authentication, and re-add yours

2. Change the email and phone number of the account.

3. Remove friends or family in which can help recover the account, by going to Access and Control remove every contacts from the Memorialization setting

Important advise: (do not buy account if you don't trust the seller, simply create a new group or page, and start growing it, to the amount of audience you want).

Hope this was helpful, you can reply with your comments.

Thanks best regards.

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