The Abandoned Husband Dominates ( A British Romance Story)

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Chapter 1:​

In the Splendor Hotel of Orlando, Florida.

"Sir, your takeout has arrived."

Jordan Steele, who was wearing the uniform of a takeout delivery man, knocked on the hotel's door.


The guest room door opened, and Jordan froze in shock when he saw the couple inside!

Jordan did not know the man who opened the door.

However, the beautiful woman in a bathrobe behind that man was Jordan's wife, Hailey Camden!


Jordan dropped the takeout that he was carrying in his right hand onto the ground!

Just a second ago, Jordan was still curious about the person who ordered the takeout.

Splendor Hotel was a five-star hotel, and the guests who lived there would seldom order takeout.

Even if they did order takeout, the hotel would only allow the delivery man to send it to the lobby.

However, the person who ordered takeout arranged for Jordan to deliver it to the door of his room.

Who would have thought that Jordan would run into his wife while delivering takeout this time!?!

Looking at the takeout that was on the ground, the stranger was furious.

He was just about to lash out at Jordan when he heard Hailey exclaiming in shock.

"Hubby! You… Why are you here!?!"

Startled, the stranger started sizing Jordan up.

Jordan was of a medium build and was very good-looking. He was donning a yellow takeout deliveryman's uniform.

The stranger smiled and said, "Hailey, so your husband is a delivery man, huh? Hah, if I had known earlier, I would have called for room service instead of takeout."

Despite running into Hailey's husband, it did not fluster the man at all!

It was because he knew Jordan was a live-in son-in-law!

He had an inferior status among the Camdens!

Jordan looked at Hailey furiously.

"Hailey, I've been married to you for three years! I've prepared all of your meals and took care of your dog and cat with no complaints. I did not let you down!"

"For the past three years, you didn't even let me touch your hand! I always thought you were a woman of principle, but today, you… Why did you do this!?!"

The fair-skinned and beautiful Hailey became horrified, but soon she turned arrogant.

She walked towards the door and said, "But what? Jordan, don't spout nonsense. The consequences are heavy."

"Do you know who he is? He is the boss of an investment firm and the scion of a top family in Orlando, Tyler Collins!"

"Tyler is here to discuss a business deal with me. If you don't believe it, I can show you the contract, but will you understand what the contract is about?"

Jordan was a deliveryman, and in Hailey's opinion, he was incompetent and wouldn't understand business matters.

Tyler smiled without giving an explanation.

Glancing at the split takeout on the floor, he said, "At first, I was going to lodge a complaint against you for dropping my chicken soup. However, on account that you're Hailey's husband, I shall give you a five-star rating. Only if you apologize to me with sincerity. How does that sound?"

Tyler wore a sinister smile while acting as if he was the victim.

Not only did he not explain or apologize to Jordan, he even wanted the latter to apologize to him.

Jordan thought that Hailey would stop Tyler's shameless behavior, but to his surprise, Hailey said, "Apologize to Tyler. He's not someone whom you can offend."

Jordan got enraged.

'You two are being such bullies! Not only are you not apologizing to me, you even want me to apologize to you instead, huh?'

'That doesn't make sense!'

Jordan clenched his fist, feeling an urge to teach that beast a lesson!

However, just as Jordan took a step forward, Tyler took three steps backward in shock.

Hailey stood in front of him to shield him while yelling at Jordan.

"Jordan! Look how shabby you look. You're not fit to step into a guest room of a five-star hotel. Get out! Otherwise, I'll call security!"

Jordan looked at Hailey and lowered his fist a little.

"Hailey, I hope there won't be a day you regret this!"

With that, Jordan turned around and left.

Staring at Jordan's back, Hailey hollered, "Marrying a loser like you is my greatest regret!"

Hailey's pleasant and melodious voice resounded in the hotel's corridor, but it was getting softer and softer. However, her voice was becoming heavier in Jordan's heart.

Jordan mounted the motorcycle the delivery service provided him as soon as he exited the hotel. All of a sudden, his phone started ringing.

"Hello, hello, this is Ubereats."

Jordan answered with professionalism.

An old voice on the other end of the line answered,

"Sir, your three-year character development experience as a live-in son-in-law of the Camdens officially ends today."

"Your next task is to build experience in business management. Mr. Steele Senior has already bought the Ace Corporation and arranged for you to be the chairman of Ace Corporation."

"Okay, I know." Jordan answered with indifference.

Any other deliveryman would become ecstatic if he suddenly became the chairman of a company overnight.

However, Jordan remained composed.

The caller said, "Mr. Steele Senior wants to know how you are getting along with your wife. Do you want to officially let her join the Steeles and become one of the inheritors?"

Jordan sneered and exclaimed, "Let Hailey Camden inherit my family's assets that are worth billions? Hah, no need for that. She's not worthy!"

Jordan hung up then gripped the steering wheel while flooring the accelerator to speed through the heavy traffic on the streets.



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Chapter 2: Let's Get a Divorce​

In order to answer calls from customers anytime, Jordan wore a pair of Bluetooth headphones, and he was now listening to a song by a band called 'Beyond.'

Listening to the contemporary melody, Jordan recalled the time when he first met with Hailey three years ago…

Jordan was born into the wealthiest and most prestigious family in the world. The world only knew of mysterious families like the Rothschild, DuPont and Morgan families.

However, no one knew that the most mysterious family of them all was actually the Steeles.

The Steeles' assets amounted to more than 100 billion dollars, but they kept an extremely low profile and their family was not even listed on the list of tycoons.

They also educated their descendants differently from others.

Jordan's grandfather paid great attention to the nurturing and education of children of his family.

For example, Jordan had been learning martial arts at the same time as instruments like the piano and violin since the age of five.

At eighteen, he had already completed a four-year business school course at an Ivy League university.

In order to train Jordan's character, Jordan's grandfather arranged for him to become the live-in son-in-law of the Camdens, a second-tier family in Orlando!

The Camdens had humiliated Jordan for the past three years, but he endured and bore with it to finish the three-year test!

He thought he would go home tonight and tell his wife the truth about him being a billionaire but unfortunately…

"Hah, Hailey Camden, I wonder how you'd react when you find out my true identity one day!"

Jordan was looking forward to it!

On the ninth floor of an apartment building in the residential area of Orlando…

At eight o'clock in the evening, Jordan returned home after wrapping up for the day.

"You're home? You don't have to cook tonight. I ordered takeout. Come over and eat."

Hailey had come home in advance, and she had even prepared dinner for Jordan, which was rare.

In the past, Jordan prepared every meal.

Jordan changed into slippers and said, "Nah, I'm back to pack my things."

As he spoke, he walked towards his bedroom.

Jordan and Hailey lived in separate rooms. Although the two of them were married in name, they had never shared the same room in the past three years.

Hailey was obviously enraged as she walked in with her hands on her slender waist.

"What? You want to run away from home? Must you do this over a trivial matter?"

Stuffing his clothes into his suitcase, Jordan retorted, "A trivial matter? Do you think adultery is a trivial matter?"

Hailey did not explain this time, knowing that Jordan wouldn't believe her, regardless of her explanation.

Hence, she barked, "So what!?! Do you expect me to apologize to you? You've been sponging off me and even if I really did something wrong to let you down, you have to put up with it!"

Jordan closed the suitcase with force and said,

"I've put up with your family for three years! I've been serving you like you're a princess, but for the past three years, you've never looked me in the eye!"

"Your mother, Sylvie Parker, humiliated me and beat me in public countless times, but I've never talked back to her!"

"Your father, Benedict Camden, takes me for free labor and makes me do all the arduous and filthy tasks which caused me to be injured several times. All the hard-earned money that I spent on my medical expenses, I earned by delivering takeout!"

"Your uncle and his cousin bullied me, but all of you turned a blind eye to their behavior!"

"From today onwards, I don't want to put up with it anymore! Hailey, let's get a divorce!"

Hailey was shocked when she heard Jordan mention divorce, but she soon laughed aloud.

"Haha, how dare you mention divorce to me? Don't blame me for not reminding you, but after the divorce, you won't be able to live in a large apartment that has a floor area of several hundred square meters or drive an Audi!"

Jordan sneered with disdain. "Hah, large apartment? Audi? I don't need it!"

Hailey answered, "Sure, I've wanted to divorce you for a long time, and I don't know what kind of folly my grandfather was in to have made me marry a good-for-nothing like you!"

"The Camdens are at least set to become a first-tier family and our assets amount to more than a hundred million. A penniless man like you is not fit to be my husband at all!"

Jordan packed up his things and cut her off, no longer wanting to hear her continue to insult him.

"Let's go to the lawyer's office tomorrow morning to get a divorce."

"I can't make it tomorrow," Hailey refuted instantly. "It's my grandmother's 80th birthday tomorrow and we all have to gather at her home before 10 am. Besides, I have to discuss this with my family too."

Hailey's elders arranged their marriage.

Three years ago, Hailey had no right to refuse the marriage arranged by her family.

Today, she likewise had no right to dissolve the marriage arranged by her family.

This was the life of most members of wealthy families. There were many things that were beyond their control.

Jordan knew Hailey couldn't decide for herself.

"Discuss with your family as soon as possible. I'll wait for your call."

After that, Jordan left, lugging his suitcase along.

"Scoundrel! Good-for-nothing! You'll definitely regret divorcing me! In a few days, you'll be back on your knees and begging me to reconcile with you!"

Hailey cursed Jordan incessantly, even until he had reached the elevator, but he simply ignored her.

The reason being he knew how ridiculous Hailey's words were!

Why would a tycoon with a net worth of more than a hundred billion kneel to someone from a family who were merely multi-millionaires?

'Hailey, you're thinking too much!'


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Chapter 3: The Wrongdoer Is The First To Complain​

In the mountain villa area of Orlando, at ten o'clock the following morning.

It was the 80th birthday celebration of the elderly matriarch of the Camdens. The birthday banquet would be held at the best hotel in Orlando.

Prior to the celebration, Old Mrs. Camden had asked everyone to gather at the villa where she lived.

"Happy birthday, Grandma!"

"Mom, I wish you longevity and live to the age of 200!"

There was a large group of people in the villa, and they were all the children and grandchildren of Old Mrs. Camden.

Old Mrs. Camden had two sons, the elder being Herman Camden and the younger being Benedict Camden, who was also Hailey's father.

Herman had a son named Drew and a daughter named Elle, both of whom were about the same age as Hailey.

Old Mrs. Camden held the power to make decisions for the family business and had the final say on the assets, which were worth more than one hundred million dollars.

Thus, Herman and Benedict were trying their best to please Old Mrs. Camden and get into her good books, so that they would receive a greater share of the inheritance.

Old Mrs. Camden sat in the middle of the living room on a mahogany chair worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, holding a poodle and looking at the gifts she had received from her children and grandchildren. She nodded happily as she listened to their birthday wishes.

Suddenly, she saw a pile of poop excreted by the poodle under the chair.

"Where is that good-for-nothing son-in-law?" Old Mrs. Camden asked. "Get him here to clean this up."

The good-for-nothing son-in-law who Old Mrs. Camden referred to was Jordan.

Jordan had been picking up the poodle's feces for the past three years.

Herman looked at the room and remarked in puzzlement, "Huh? That good-for-nothing Jordan seems to be absent."

Old Mrs. Camden got furious. "What? It's my 80th birthday today. How dare he not show up? Hailey, what's going on?"

Hailey answered respectfully, "He might have gone to work…"

"Work? To deliver takeout? Hahaha, that's hilarious." Elle gibed.

Drew began mocking too, "He's such a disgrace to the Camdens! I ran into him once when I was driving around in my Maserati, but I didn't even dare to tell my friends that he's a member of our family!"

Old Mrs. Camden's eyes burned as she yelled, "Get him to come back here now! He doesn't know how to follow the basic rules at all!"

When she saw how angry her grandmother had become, she had no choice but to tell the truth.

"Grandma, he didn't come today because we're getting a divorce."

"Divorce? Who gave you permission to get a divorce? Don't you know that your marriage was decided by your late grandfather?" Old Mrs. Camden rebuked.

Hailey dared not be disrespectful and knelt down on the spot while weeping.

"Grandma, I don't dare to go against Grandpa's wishes, but Jordan … he's too much of a bully!"

Feeling a heartache when she saw Hailey bawling her eyes out, Old Mrs. Camden walked over to help her up.

"Hailey, stop crying, you're my granddaughter, and he's just a live-in son-in-law. Tell me how he bullied you. I'll teach him a lesson on your behalf!"

Hailey wiped the tears that she had forced herself to shed and then said to everyone, "Jordan has an affair with another woman!"


Old Mrs. Camden's body trembled as she heard Hailey's accusation. Fortunately, Herman reacted right away and came over to hold her.

Old Mrs. Camden blew her top. "He's a beast! For the past three years, we let him stay in a luxury apartment and gave him a luxury car to drive, and he didn't even devote himself to you and stay loyal to you. How dare he get involved in an affair!?"

Hailey chose to play the blame game and falsely accused Jordan of cheating on her. Thus, she was easily able to gain Old Mrs. Camden's trust.

The reason being Hailey knew how to hide her true colors well and had always acted like a good girl in front of her family.

If not for the fact that he had run into her at the hotel and witnessed everything with his own eyes, Jordan would have continued to think that Hailey was a pure and kind girl, even though she was slightly arrogant.

Hailey's parents, who had also been deceived by their daughter, scolded Jordan angrily.

In contrast, Herman and his children had the opposite reaction.

Elle gloated, "Hailey, aren't you known as the number one beauty in Orlando? You've got a great figure and a pretty face. Why would you be inferior to other women?"

Elle had an impressive figure. She received more than 100 million likes and more than 10 million fans when her back was revealed in a video on a short clip-sharing platform.

Among all the hosts who chose not to reveal their faces, she was the one with the most fans.

However, her looks were average and too ordinary compared to Hailey. Thus, she always viewed Hailey with jealousy.

Drew smiled and chimed in, "Hailey, don't blame me for criticizing you, but you have a part to blame. You refused to let him get intimate with you in the three years of your marriage. Even if you're pretty, it's pointless if he can't have you. No wonder Jordan has an affair, hahaha."

At this point, Hailey's mother, Sylvie, stood up for her.

"Drew, that's wrong of you. Hailey's status is superior to Jordan's. If she had consummated her marriage with that good-for-nothing, wouldn't it be an insult to her? It would mar her body too."

Drew humphed in disdain. "You guys are just thinking of keeping her chaste so that she can marry a rich man after finding an opportunity to get rid of Jordan, aren't you?"

Sylvie said, "You…"

"Enough, stop arguing!" Old Mrs. Camden hollered. "Even if Hailey is like that, he has no reason to have an affair! What does he take our family for? Get that beast to come here now. I have to punish him with the family rules!"

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